March 6 meeting: SCNA board welcomes first member from Crocker Village

SCNA welcomed three neighbors to the board: Charles Angelis of Marshall Way and 23rd Street, Alex Moos from Donner Way and Kimberley Bond from Crocker Drive.

Kimberley is the first person from Crocker Village to serve on the board.

Executive Committee

The new Executive Committee includes Andi Liebenbaum, president; Kat Haro, vice president; Jonathan LaTurner, treasurer; Kate Van Buren, secretary; and Eric Johnson, member at large.

President’s report

Andi addressed criticism received regarding her column in the March Viewpoint. To clear up any misunderstanding, Andi will work on a chronology of events for publication that will outline SCNA’s significant contributions, from pushing for cleanup of the railyard site, promoting the installation of a pedestrian bridge, and collaborating with city planners to retain the charm and continuity of the vibrant, healthy environment and unique architecture of Curtis Park.

Neighborhood Concerns

Chair John Mathews reported that he spent many hours meeting with residents and researching the history of Montgomery Way. Board members shared their concerns regarding the health of a city tree and esthetics of a wall in that location, but ultimately decided to let the city handle communications and code enforcement with the homeowner.

Guests Warner and Angelia De Boer and Evelyn Fallon from Montgomery Way shared their concerns regarding a wall under construction on their street.


Chair Kat Haro reported ongoing work crafting a board activation plan, internal and external messaging points, fundraising events, rewriting membership and donation materials, and branding. SCNA is moving toward a donor supportive model that will help guide how to best be of assistance to the organization and community.


Chair Andrew Booth reported that the committee has created two versions of the lease amendment, including a scope letter explaining SCNA’s position and intent. Based on feedback from the city, SCNA will be able to determine future goals and objectives that feature changing and modifying spaces to best serve the community through programming.

Treasurer/Executive Director

Treasurer Jonathan LaTurner and Executive Director Terri Shettle will begin the budgeting process in the next couple of weeks. The Crab Feed brought in net proceeds of $4,000 with 160 attendees.

Without the annual home tour in April, there will be a decline in income, so SCNA will probably not be spending on large operating expenses unless it is mission critical or a safety issue.

May and June are peak revenue times for SCNA historically. The Big Day of Giving is set for May 2. Cops & Coffee will be April 10 in Curtis Hall, open to all neighbors. The Egg Hunt and Pajama Parade will be April 20 with the Easter Bunny in attendance for family photos.


Andi Liebenbaum, Angela Mia and Eric Johnson have been working on the bylaws. Angela will create a document for board members to review during the upcoming board retreat. Members will identify goals, focus on where committees fit into the strategic plan, and what their structure looks like.

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