Artist Interview with Carol Shellenberger of Le Grand Confectionary

Why do you craft/make? How did you learn?

My family has been in the Chocolate business for over 30 years and I enjoy working and making chocolate treats.

What is your favorite product or piece you’ve made lately?

My recent favorite piece I made is hollow chocolate acorns that I filled with sea salt chocolate caramel balls. They are a beautiful addition to any Thanksgiving table. You just crack the acorn and the sea salt caramels spill out.

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now? Where do you look for inspiration?

I am inspired by different flavors I taste everyday, and I try to find creative ways to incorporate into the chocolate pieces that I create.

Are you bringing/selling anything special at the craft fair?

I am bringing my two top selling products from our store; dark chocolate fruit and nut medley bark, and dark chocolate almond bark. I am also bringing a variety of milk and dark chocolate molds for kids and adults. All beautifully wrapped in cello and Holiday ribbon. All of my creations are ready to give as a gift.

The holidays put me in the mood to….

I love the Holidays! There is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Favorite holiday movie?

My favorite movie is the classic “It’s A Wonderful Life”. My family watches every year.

All I want for Christmas is…?

All I want for Christmas is to spread happiness with my chocolates.

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