Lawn Care Workshop Notes

The Lawn Care Evolution From Gas to Electric Is Coming

This Online presentation took place on February 15

Starting in 2 years, only zero emission* lawn equipment will be sold in California (*The most common zero emission equipment is electric or manual)

Be Prepared

Featuring Dan Mabe, nationally known electric lawn care expert with American Green Zone Alliance


  • Health and safety benefits of electric vs. gas lawn care
  • Communication skills with your gardener toward pollution-free lawn care
  • Best practices for electric leaf blowing, mulching and chemical-free yard care
  • Forthcoming financial assistance for landscapers to go electric

Air Pollution from gas mowers and blowers is real; both landscapers and the surrounding environment are affected:

  • The cumulative smog-forming emissions from gas yard equipment is now annually greater than that generated by all the light-duty passenger cars in California;
  • More than 10 million gas mowers and blowers exist in California
  • Running a gas mower for one hour is the smog equivalent of driving an automobile four hours;
  • A gas leaf blower running for one hour generates the equivalent smog of a car driving 15 hours or 1,100 miles, about the distance from Sacramento to Denver.

Written by Heather for Sierra 2 and posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2022

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