Four years of sleuthing gave author plenty for murder mystery

Anne Da Vigo is inviting neighbors to celebrate the launch of her novel, “Thread of Gold,” on June 11 at the Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex at 36th Street and Broadway. The event is from 3–5 p.m. A former feature writer for the Sacramento Union newspaper, Da Vigo has lived on Ninth Avenue for the last 17 years with her husband, Tony, who is an attorney.

Anne’s novel is a murder mystery that involves three generations of women caught in a web created by greed. The spark for the story came from a news article about mysterious deaths in New York State’s Finger Lakes region, where Da Vigo’s immigrant ancestors settled more than 160 years ago. Her book is published by Quill Driver Press, a small independent press.

“It was fun to research this book because I learned several secrets about my family,” Anne said. “How often do you get to live out your ideas and solve a mystery from the past?”

Da Vigo spent four years digging into the history of the small town near her ancestors’ farm. She wove much of what she found into the story, which pivots on unexpected twists and turns.

Da Vigo said she enjoys living in Curtis Park because the people are friendly, and the location is convenient to schools and the downtown. Her daughter graduated from McClatchy High School and is a practicing attorney in San Diego.

Da Vigo said she enjoys walking around the track at Curtis Park because she can enjoy the trees and visit with longtime friends. “I hope neighbors will come to the celebration,” Da Vigo said. “We will serve wine, and I’ll read passages from the book. Everyone is welcome.”

By Rosanna Herber Viewpoint staff writer, Photo by Access Local.TV



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