Former attorney practices avocation of interior design

ChambreChic is a new interior redesign service launched by longtime Curtis Park resident Anne Ferguson. Interior redesign, according to Ferguson, is the artful arrangement of your existing furnishings and accessories to make the most of what you have and love, resulting in a fresh, stylish look in your home. ChambreChic services feature Ferguson’s specialty: oneday room makeovers. She also does art placement, color and lighting consultation, and shopping for furniture and accessories.

With this new venture, Ferguson is embarking on her third career. She previously worked in the healthcare industry, and then for 30 years practiced as a healthcare attorney. Along with sewing and crafting, home design has always been her avocation, and she often found herself helping friends with design projects in their homes. In 2013, Ferguson traveled to Virginia to attend a week-long immersion course in interior redesign. The course combined classroom and hands-on learning, including accompanying the instructor to several homes to assist with furniture and art arrangement and other aspects of redesign.

It’s easy to see why Ferguson’s home has twice been part of the Curtis Park Home & Garden Tour. She has lived in her 26th Street home for almost 30 years and, during that time, she has devoted herself to designing her space in a style she considers eclectic and French-focused. She possesses a talent for arranging things with an emphasis on balancing between aesthetics and practicality. Ferguson notes that every client has different needs, and “It is very important to understand how each room will be used by the client.”

One particular favorite of Ferguson’s is to transform bookcases and mantels from simply utilitarian to artistic and meaningful. In her living room, one section of a bookcase displays small wooden planes, hand-carved by her father, atop a vintage copy of Charles Lindbergh’s autobiography. She is especially fond of designing kids’ rooms and has created home accessories for her friends’ children that have been cherished and saved a long time after the children grew up.

In addition to her redesign services, Ferguson creates lovely accents for the home such as colorful antiqued throw pillows, vases découpaged with vintage images, and themed tea towels, tassels, and tie-backs. She plans to have these handmade works of art available at artisan markets in the near future.

People interested in ChambreChic may call Ferguson at 804–8325. For more information, visit

By Ariel Calvert Viewpoint Staff Writer

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