Film, book clubs offer several options for seniors to socialize

Social groups and clubs are often geared toward specific interests, which can make it difficult to find a group that meets an individual’s needs. Fortunately, the Senior Center has a multitude of choices with the aim to offer something for everyone.

With two monthly reading groups on the calendar, there’s always a variety of books to read and discuss. Bibliophiles and book critics alike find book clubs to be a fun space to discuss ideas, share viewpoints, and get recommendations on good authors. The Nonfiction Book Club focuses strictly on nonfiction titles with often-lively discussions on current events and societal issues. The Fiction Book Club has a more traditional approach, reading novels from all genres, and typically pleasing participants with a variety of reading preferences. A top reason to join a book club is the prompt to read titles and genres one might otherwise avoid.

The Film Club is a monthly gathering for movie lovers. The group selects films from all genres and enjoys popcorn at every screening. Participants are encouraged to suggest movie titles from the new DVD releases to the old favorite movies with replay value. While providing the opportunity to see movies for free, the Film Club promotes inclusivity and idea sharing. Founding member and steadfast attendee Jack Rader describes himself as a social person who likes the Film Club because it

“gives me contact with others of similar interests. I don’t get that interaction outside of the Senior Center.”

All clubs at the Sierra 2 Senior Center are open to newcomers. Clubs are donation-based, so members are asked to chip in a couple dollars each month (especially if they treat themselves to the free coffee.) See the Senior Center calendar for the latest book and movie titles.

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