February Feast Program

February 11 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Welcome to the February Feast, a neighborhood dinner to go with pickup at Sierra 2 Center. Dinners for 2 lovingly made by Jeff and Leo at La Famiglia Catering. This event is a fundraiser for the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association and Sierra 2 Center. Thank you for your support!

Tonight’s Menu


Caprese skewers
Salad on a stick made of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil


Lasagna Bolognese
Delicate layers of pasta coated in a luxurious mix of hearty ragù bolognese (slow-cooked meat sauce) and creamy béchamel (white sauce).


Vegetarian Lasagna Alfredo
Layers of vegetables, cheese and pasta in a creamy Alfredo sauce

Garlic bread sticks

Caesar salad


Two Cannoli
Italian pastries made of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta

Thank You to these Local Businesses for Raffle Prize Donations

And the Raffle Winners Are…

  • $20 Gunther’s Gift Card – Nicole S.
  • $40 Meet & Eat Gift Card – Genevieve S.
  • $40 Meet & Eat Gift Card – Thomas L.
  • $50 Plant Foundry Gift Card – Karen and Brian H.
  • Ritual Yoga Certificate – Lydia M.
  • New Helvetia hat and 4-pack of beer – Mary Ellen S.


May We Suggest Some Romantic Movies?


Test Your Skills with These Trivia Questions

  1. Where was the best-known Valentine’s message sent from?
  2. Which candy maker invented the first Valentine’s candy box?
  3. What year did Valentine’s Day officially originate?
  4. When you kiss, your heart beat increases up to how many heart beats per minute?
  5. Which Shakespeare play featured Valentine and Proteus?
  6. What major invention was patented on Valentine’s Day?
  7. Why are hearts used to symbolize love and affection?
  8. Which Valentine’s candy was created on equipment made for lozenges?
  9. Who received the most Valentine’s cards, teachers or mothers?
  10. The current pandemic temporarily caused the suspension of what candy in 2019?

Scroll down for the answers…

  1. Prison by St. Valentine
  2. Richard Cadbury
  3. 1537
  4. 110
  5. The Two Gentleman of Verona
  6. The telephone
  7. It was believed that the heart, not the brain, was the center of all emotion, including love.
  8. Sweethearts
  9. Teachers
  10. Sweethearts
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