Feb 7th Board Meeting Notes: SCNA seeks to join in planning for walkable city

SCNA President Eric Johnson reported that Kim Tucker of Impact Foundry would have the strategic plan wrapped up in the spring. Board members were encouraged to meet with her to share thoughts and goals. Andi Liebenbaum volunteered to help finalize the plan. Eric encouraged board members to attend meetings of other organizations, such as the Greater Broadway District and Oak Park Neighborhood Association.

Cal Trans is doing a study to make Sacramento more walkable, with tentative plans for 2020. SCNA would like to be involved in the planning process while it is still being imagined.

Bruce Pierini read a statement he crafted to reach out to neighbors with specific strengths and skill sets to let them know they are needed. A volunteer coordinator who manages a database of people willing to work for specific events is a priority.

Jonathan LaTurner said the board should not become complacent when fundraising is needed, and should not depend on the SCNA reserve fund to cover deficits. An ad-hoc committee featuring a local celebrity, along with board members and neighbors, was suggested as a way to meet the fundraising goal for theater repairs and upgrades.

Bruce will work with Angela Mia to spearhead priorities tied to goals from the strategic plan for Executive Director Terri Shettle’s yearly salary review and assessment. Bruce will contact committee chairs to ask for feedback regarding Terri’s performance.

Andrew Booth was nominated for chair of the Facilities Committee.

Treasurer’s report

Jonathan met with the Finance Committee. The expenses will show a difference in allocated funds. He is working on initiatives and will make a formal proposal at the next meeting. Andi suggested the financial information could be made more accessible and digestible for board members.

Facilities report

John Mathews gave a theater project update, including a new seat installation date. Advance tickets are available for events and volunteers are needed. An update was requested regarding the solar panels.

Neighborhood Concerns

John reported that a flex zone plan by the Crocker Village Senior Housing was submitted and withdrawn, showing commercial buildings in place of housing.

A Cops and Coffee meeting was proposed for Curtis Park. Land Park recently hosted a meeting with four officers and more than 35 neighbors. The officers circulated a crime density map for Land Park, which helped the residents voice their concerns.

The SCNA board will sponsor a Cops and Coffee meeting and will focus on neighborhood outreach before the event, including posts on nextdoor.com and other social media sites.

Volunteers will be needed for upcoming political forums and races.

An informational talk was suggested regarding the loss of the migratory songbirds when heritage oaks were cut down for Crocker Village. The talk could take place before the home tour April 28, or possibly be a class for the Learnery.

Senior Center

Angela reported the annual appeal brought in more than $2,500, a little less than last year. New formats for the open house, such as one free Friday a month, were suggested. The Hart Center will need to be consulted because it supplies grant money for the Senior Center. My Story Project needs volunteers with camera and computer skills. Board members were encouraged to ask friends and family to tell their stories.


Bruce said he sent out requests to board members regarding Q&A’s. The neighborhood newspaper is looking for articles and writers, and the new editor, Dennis Cusick, is open to new ideas SCNA will be inviting him to board meetings to share his vision.

— Submitted by Kate Van Buren, board secretary




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