Family cookie recipe becomes Gunther’s flavor-of-the-month

Carol and Peter Blackman of 26th Street got an unexpected surprise from their high school friend Larry Ginsburg at last year’s wine tasting. Ginsburg, and his girlfriend Lynn Simon, came up from the Bay Area for the event.

At the auction they were captivated by the Gunther’s flavor of-the-month item. After they won the bid for it, they gave it to the Blackmans with the flavor designed by Lynn.

She wanted the ice cream to taste like the Jewish cookie Rugelah. When Carol introduced the flavor to Gunther’s ice cream maker Brad Realmuto, he was intrigued. He researched it and included all of Lynn’s ingredients: apricot preserves, chocolate chips, currants, walnuts and cinnamon in a creamy cookie-flavored ice cream.

Brad reported brisk sales of this February flavor.

Before the flavor-of-the-month went public, Gunther’s ice cream maker Brad Realmuto invited the Blackman family and friends Larry Ginsburg and Lynn Simon to sample his creation. At the front table, left to right, are Ginsburg, Simon (holding a tin of her homemade Rugelah cookies), Josh Blackman, Ariel Calvert and Carol Blackman. At the back table, from left in front row, are Tatum Blackman, Sydney and Avery Acosta; in the back row, from left, are Peter Blackman, Abbie Blackman, Andrew Acosta and Jack Blackman. Photo/Brad Realmuto

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