With experience in history, de Courcey family tackles home restoration

Sean, Meg and Brianne de Courcey, along with their three cats, moved to 10th Avenue about a year ago from Oak Park after discovering they needed additional space because of Brianne’s birth.

Their house is designed in the Colonial Revival style. They began the restoration of many of the original architectural features of the house immediately after moving in. Sean has done plumbing, restoration to the white oak floors, restoration of the original wood shutters, wallpaper removal, re-landscaped the front yard, and prepped the house exterior for painting. They are currently working on the restoration of the home’s original 26 wood sash windows.

Meg and Sean both have extensive education and experience in history, historic preservation and city planning, so it is no surprise that they live in our historic neighborhood. They met while doing work for the proposed Power House Science Museum. Sean was responsible for the nomination of the existing structure to the National Registry of Historic Places. He is currently the vice president of Preservation Sacramento.

Meg works in environmental review for Sacramento County. Sean works for the California Energy Commission as a cultural resources planner.

Sean is originally from Ben Lomand, Calif., and Meg is from Arlington, Va.

Meg and Sean are very enthusiastic about Curtis Park and their house. They love the quiet street, the historic homes, close access to the park, and their great neighbors.

By Erik Fay Viewpoint Staff


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