The Dog Park at Sierra 2 Greens

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The City of Sacramento has given special permission to allow the fields at the Sierra 2 Greens park to be used as an off leash dog park for training and socialization before 9am and after 5pm unless there are sports activities taking place. 

Users of the park must register with their name and email below. SCNA serves as a liaison by helping to keep this registration list and to facilitate communications.  The program is run by neighborhood volunteers with the help of Sierra 2 Center office.

Dog Park Rules

The Sierra Curtis Dog Training Area is not a standard City approved Dog Park. It is
unique and has been permitted by the City only as a limited dog training area under strict
conditions. Use may be revoked at any time if the following conditions are not strictly
adhered to.

To insure that we can continue to use and enjoy the Sierra II Green as a part time dog
training and exercise area, please do your part and rigorously adhere to the following

  1. All dogs using the park must be registered in the Sierra II office. The City requires each owner to provide their name, phone number, email, dog’s name, and breed/description. All dogs must be licensed and have current shots.
  2. Please pick up all you dog(s) waste products and do a good deed by picking up the waste from other dogs as well. (The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association has received complaints about this from soccer teams.)
  3. Your dog must be under verbal command at all times. If your dog is not trained to understand verbal commands yet, please stop using the park until you have secured the necessary training for your dog.
  4. Do not leave your dog unattended at the park.
  5. Soccer activities have priority over dog activities at all times. We have had success moving away from the soccer field to the area by the basketball court when soccer is being played, but this is bending the rule and will work only as the dogs are under control.
  6. Please honor the dog use hours (6am-9am and 5pm-8pm) and in sure that your animal is on a leash when in the park outside of the designated hours. The city has been reasonable about us bending these times a bit, but be aware that the fine for a dog off-leash is several hundred dollars.
  7. Keep your animal outside of the children’s playground.
  8. Thank you for honoring these rules, and for insuring other dog owners also follow them.

Register to Use the Dog Park

By registering you agree to the rules above.

Please be respectful at the dog park and clean up after your pet.