Do SCNA dues and contributions pay for people outside the neighborhood at The Learnery?

“I keep reading about activities for the Senior Center at the Sierra 2. Who runs it? How old do you have to be to participate? Can a younger person accompany an elderly one? What is the range of activities? Are the classes fee-covered or do SCNA dues help cover costs?”

Angela Mia, SCNA sub-committee chair for the Senior Center answers:

The Senior Center is operated by the Sierra 2 Center’s Program Coordinator Katie Byram, who is responsible for activities and reports to the executive director. There is also a federally funded assistant as well as volunteers and interns who run the day-to-day workings of the Center.

In terms of an age limit, the general rule of thumb is 50 and up, but we’ve welcomed younger participants, too. There are all kinds of activities at the Senior Center: games like bridge and pinochle, crafts, book clubs, drumming, and physical activity classes like Pilates and yoga.

Activities range from free to donations encouraged to fee-based. Operations and activities are funded through appeal drives, donations and class fees as well as business sponsorships.

Activities take place in various rooms in Sierra 2 with many located in Room 12. You can find specific locations for classes on the Sierra 2 website, Sierra2. org or on the bulletin board outside of Room 12.

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