Decisive leadership vital for next SCNA president

Q. Which qualities would be most necessary and welcome in a new president? In what directions should the new president take SCNA?

John Mathews: Being the board president is far beyond attending two or three meetings a month. A total commitment to the job. That person should have a clear understanding of how Sierra 2 manages its day-to-day operations, finances, etc. A good working relationship with Executive Director Terri Shettle and the staff. Also a good working relationship with Councilmember Jay Schenirer and other city officials and a willingness to represent SCNA at city meetings and neighborhood events. That individual should also commit to protecting SCNA board members from lawsuits stemming from the Crocker Village development.

Angela Mia: A desire and ability to collaborate with others. A problem solver. To have the time to devote to SCNA committees and events. To keep the board and executive director focused on the Strategic Plan.

Andi Liebenbaum: The next president should have ambitious goals and objectives and the natural optimism to encourage the board to share that optimism and achieve new heights. High standards of accountability, honesty and transparency. To be open about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. I’d like to see the individual get broader representation on the board, young people, tenants of multiplex apartments, and individuals from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. I’d also like to see more engagement with neighborhood associations of Oak Park, Hollywood Park and Land Park, and the Broadway Corridor Business Association.

Kate Van Buren: A sense of humor. A vision to enhance and sustain our quality of life. Courage to stand up for our interests publicly. A collaborative spirit. Enthusiasm to encourage a diverse board to empower neighbors. An appreciation and understanding of maintaining the success of Sierra 2.

Andrew Booth: Decisiveness and an open mind. A president needs to be more concerned about making sure the general consensus of the group is represented and pushed for, not their own. They need to be able to deal with a lot of different personalities both on and off the board, and behave appropriately.

Kat Haro: The president provides a level-headed sounding board and decisive presence to guide the board and assure decisions are made. Diplomacy and ability to consider and occasionally mediate an array of opinions. The president will help steward the direction of our dual organizations – balancing SCNA and Sierra 2 needs and objectives.

Bruce Pierini: The most important quality is the determination to follow through with the board in implementing the recently adopted 10-year Strategic Plan. The individual needs to be an articulate, effective spokesperson on behalf of SCNA – to advocate for neighborhood issues to the city and the wider public.

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