Curtis Park Home & Garden Tour: Old Craftsmanship – New Respect, 1926

On Montgomery Way by Krystin & Jeff

The brick bungalow was built in 1926 on original craftsman principles, then expanded in 2015 with modern craftsman principles that complement the original form and ideas. In 2000, the year after Krystin and Jeff were married, the home became part of the Leonhardt family and served them well along with daughter Libby, born in 2002, until son Logan came along in 2012. Then they knew it was time to expand the two bedroom home or move, but they loved the home too much to leave. Jeff, an architect, worked with the space they knew so well and expanded upward with sensitivity to keeping the configuration of the original home primarily intact. The expansion was set back and distinguished as new, while respectfully tying into the old home’s shape and materials.

Squared porch columns and brackets under wide eaves outside, a rustic brick fireplace inside (restored by Krystin), leaded glass cabinets, sconces, and multilight windows all are original craftsman elements that bring natural warmth to the home. Jeff created a large, bright kitchen by opening the galley into existing service spaces. The new wood stairway leads up to the master bedroom where a balcony, integrated among the rooflines, overlooks the park. Logan’s room, with its aeronautical theme in blue, is nestled into the back corner. All upstairs ceilings reflect the geometric open spaces within the new rooflines. Now a teenager, Libby has created her own space in the original corner bedroom downstairs, especially noted for its colorful chandelier. The family’s dogs, Sharky and Foster, also have plenty of room to play in the Leonhardts’ spacious new home.

A big Thanks to Rudy Calpo for his photos



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