Curtis Park Home & Garden Tour: #4 Rustic Refinement, 1925

On Highland Avenue by Kate & Tom

The rustic refinement of this Tudor home plays on ideas of English Revival and Garden Cottage styles. Kate Williams and Tom Gohring, alongside their Brittany Spaniel Molly, have made it a friendly place of warm hospitality. The form of the house follows the English architectural tradition of a steep intersecting gable roof, in this case “clipped“ at the gable ends to downplay the height and enhance a sense of pedestrian scale. Wood shingles sheathe the mass of the steep rooflines, further connecting it to its surroundings with the use of natural materials. A window dormer pops up from the main roof, and a full bay window extends from the front room into the garden. The main entry porch is clearly delineated by a simplified gable framework with a round arched opening lined by bricks, inviting visitors to come in.

Upon entering the home, the living room beckons with its rustic fireplace, large bay window, and various textiles thoughtfully mixed and matched by Kate. The kitchen features base cabinetry in smoky blue, contrasted by clean whites of the upper cabinetry surrounded by warm, cream-colored walls, accentuated by quartz countertops and backsplash tiles. Upstairs, the fun begins navigating the spaces within the complex rooflines. Kate’s sewing space was created out of the back corner room, looking out to the backyard treetops. Tom’s theater gallery was established in the front room, and extends into the niche of the pop-up dormer. Out back, the cottage sensibility is continued with tables and Adirondack chairs among the garden setting. The adjacent garage houses Tom’s extensive wood workshop which supports home improvements including the custom picket fence in the front yard.

A big Thanks to Rudy Calpo for his photos



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