Crocker Village Update: Variance sought for 65-foot sign in Crocker Village

Petrovich Development Co. is seeking a zoning variance so it can place a 65-foot-tall shopping-mall-style sign along the Sutterville Road overpass in the Crocker Village commercial development.

The Crocker Village Planned Unit Development (PUD) guidelines state that signs in the shopping area are to be simple in design, enhance the aesthetic environment through design and color consistency and highlight the unique character of the neighborhood. The guidelines prefer signs that are attached blade, awning and window signs similar to other shops in the area.

The primary purpose for the guidelines is to produce a development that respects and protects the traditional neighborhood.


In a November 2018 submission to Sacramento City Council, Petrovich Development Corp. included a rendering of Crocker Village, a “Safeway anchored urban infill” development. The rendering is also available at, which links to an animation posted on YouTube. In addition to naming Safeway as the supermarket anchor, the rendering names Rendering/Petrovich Development Co. several potential tenants, including Noah’s Bagels, Magpie’s and Selland’s. A spokesperson for Selland Family Restaurants said Petrovich Development did not have permission to use the Selland’s name in its marketing materials. The rendering and animation also show a Safeway gas station on Crocker Drive.

The developer has asserted that the governing policy reverts “by right” to shopping center/highway commercial zoning because the PUD guidelines and other adopted policy governing the area do not specifically set a sign height limit.

There are no known 65-foot-tall signs anywhere in the city. Approving the variance would set a precedent for signs wherever there is an elevated road in the city, including the opposite side of Sutterville Road.

On Nov. 14, the developer attached two small black balloons to the corner of the future grocery building. The balloons were meant to allow the city and community to assess the visual impact of a 65-foot sign. The balloons are about 70 feet north of the correct location, reducing the value of the simulation.

The developer refused the city’s request to place a second balloon at the northwest corner of Sutterville Road and Crocker Drive, where Petrovich plans “by right” to place a 35-foot-tall sign that the developer claims will not be visible to eastbound drivers on the overpass.

The development company claims it can place nine 35-foot-tall signs in the Crocker Village shopping center “by right.”

A flyer was distributed to some doorsteps in Curtis Park a few days after the balloons went up asking the community to support approval of the 65-foot overpass sign and 35-foot corner sign, stating that the developer will only erect two signs if the variance is approved. The flyer and the justification submitted to the city for the 65-foot-tall sign variance both claim that the sign will support traffic safety. The sign would promote the names, colors and logos of eight stores but would provide no directional information.

City planning policy says this type of sign “is designed to be viewed from far away and by fast moving traffic.” City policy calls for low signs at the entrances to the commercial area that identify individual shops and their locations.

A public hearing on the requested variance is scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, at 300 Richards Blvd, third floor. Public comments can be submitted up to the time of the hearing and may be emailed to Zoning Administrator Evan Compton at ecompton@

SCNA’s letter in opposition to the variance will be posted at

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