Crime continues downward trend in second quarter

Reported crime in the neighborhood was down nine percent in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous quarter.

This is especially notable when the weather is warmer, more people are out and about, and reported crimes of opportunity usually increase in this period.

Curtis Park continues to have a very low rate of crime overall, especially serious crime, compared to other parts of Sacramento.

Some 84 crimes in Curtis Park were reported to Sacramento police in the second quarter.

The most notable change was a 42 percent decrease in vehicle burglaries–11 in the second quarter, compared with 26 in the first quarter.

Larceny, which is theft of personal property not including robbery or burglary, has been the most reported crime in Curtis Park for several years. That trend continued, with 23 reported incidents in the quarter, two fewer than in the first quarter.

The majority of larcenies in Curtis Park are delivered packages stolen off of porches, followed in smaller numbers by thefts of bicycles, decorative plants and furniture. Most of the larcenies were north of Second Avenue, clustered near the intersections of Broadway with Freeport Boulevard and Franklin Boulevard. Four other incidents took place around 24th Street and Crocker Road, south of 10th Avenue.

Vandalism, defined as the deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property, also decreased slightly to 11 reported incidents from 13 in the first quarter.

The most significant increase in reported crime was in stolen vehicles, which more than doubled from seven incidents in the first quarter to 15 in the second quarter. Sacramento police say the increase in vehicle thefts in the neighborhood reflects a citywide seasonal increase.

Robbery and assault were unchanged, with a total of 10 reported incidents in each quarter. Most of the robberies and assaults occurred near Broadway.

Sacramento police credit the department’s partnership with observant and involved neighbors for low rates of crime. Curtis Park is on a path to having a crime rate similar to the previous two years, which had some of the lowest crime rates on record for the neighborhood and for Sacramento in general.



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