Christina & Michael Martin from Capital City Beads at Holiday Gifts & Goods

Who sparked your love of making?

I have been making jewelry for many years and love sharing my passion for creating with others!

What is your favorite product or piece you’ve made lately?

I love every piece of jewelry I create and every bead I sell! I have never met a bead I didn’t like and I love creating all kinds of jewelry with the supplies I sell.

What inspires you during the holiday season?

The smells! I love the small of the cold air. The smell of Christmas trees, cookies and spiced cider makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I just want to stay home and create by the fire!

What other vendor are you excited to see/shop this season?

Excited to be in the craft tent with Craftopolis Crafting Club!

What is your favorite holiday food or recipe and why?

This is my families first holiday season on a plant based diet and I look forward to discovering my new favorite plant based holiday recipe!

Join us for a unique spin on craft fairs where you can craft some of your own holiday goodies. Make a commitment to the environment, your wallet, and creative diversity by purchasing handmade gifts from local entrepreneurs this season.

Saturday, December 7th from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. on the South end of the Sierra 2 Center

This event features 2 meeting halls and a patio tent filled with talented, hand-picked vendors selling creative and unique gifts and goods. 

In the brand new Craft Tent, choose mom or auntie’s favorite colors to apply to a water-marbled scarf with the Craftopolis Craft Club. Bring shirts to print for your friends and family or make your own card or gift bag using a lino-block print at Tenacious Goods’ booth.

The Holiday Gifts & Goods is an intimate and relaxing way to find unique gifts and personal treasures for you and yours… But all this great shopping and visiting can wear you out! Treat yourself to brewed tea and pastries by The  Novel Tea as well as espresso and coffee beverages from Urbane Coffee.

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