CAAP Review Letter from Sacramento Neighborhoods

July 23, 2022
To: The City of Sacramento Climate Action and Sustainability Office

Dear Jennifer Venema and Laila Atalla of the Climate Action and Sustainability Office,

We want to begin a conversation between this office and the neighborhoods of Sacramento regarding the Climate Action and Adaptability Plan (CAAP) preliminary draft that was released on July 1, 2022. The
following list highlights some of our concerns we want to address with this office while the next draft of the CAAP is being prepared:

  1. Sacramento’s tree canopy must be adequately supported by city policies to result in attaining carbon sequestration goals;
  2. Funding, financing, and equity concerns in implementing the greenhouse gas (GHG)-reduction measures should be more adequately developed;
  3. Reducing GHG through electrification of existing buildings should be more thoroughly presented for analysis, including financial impacts on lower income individuals and businesses;
  4. Transportation, including the use of public transport and electric vehicles to reduce GHG, must be more fully presented;
  5. Community Engagement methods discussed in the CAAP should be honest; and
  6. Denser housing/infill doesn’t necessarily result in quantifiable GHG reductions; this is not discussed in the CAAP.

Additional details about these concerns are in the 2 pages that follow. When you receive our letter, please contact the following representatives to set up a meeting about our concerns:


Kathy Les, Sierra-Curtis Neighborhood Association board member
Jennifer Holden, Mangan Park Neighborhood Association lead

Read the Whole Letter Below



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