Bret Harte news: Kindergarteners will get hands-on learning with new garden program

After the summer break, Bret Harte welcomes all new and returning students, teachers and families for an exciting 2017-18 school year.

New kindergarten garden project

A wonderful garden program is anticipated to start this fall for kindergarteners. New garden boxes are being installed behind the kindergarten classroom. Students will get a hands-on learning experience on the different stages of plant growth, what it takes to maintain a garden and understand the importance of eating healthy.

In preparation for the garden box installation, the Bret Harte garden counsel applied for a seed grant and received $250 from Councilman Jay Schenirer’s office. Cascade Rock donated five cubic yards of soil needed for the project. The garden boxes were built at the end of last year thanks to the sixth-grade class and the garden counsel.

Park Sol, a local garden and habitat partner of Bret Harte, held a groundwork day Aug. 19 with a crew of volunteers, including Karen and Brian Hill, to help level the uneven ground and install the garden boxes. Once installed, the boxes will be prepped with cardboard for sheet mulching and mulch will follow to make the space drought tolerant.

Students will not only be learning science standards through this wonderful program but will have a beautiful environment to play in all year long.

Infant and Toddler Playgroup free for all families

The Bret Harte Child Development Center playgroup will resume Sept. 11 and run through June 7, 2018. This free program for infants to age 3 is made possible by First 5 Sacramento. The program provides opportunities for parent and child bonding, age appropriate learning activities, and a place for parents and children to meet and make friends. Playgroup classes are scheduled 9–10:30 a.m.

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Room No. 3 behind the Bret Harte kindergarten class in the Child Development Center. First 5 offers this free playgroup at six locations in Sacramento. For more information, call 916 643-7858.

By Adriana Gonzalez Viewpoint staff writer

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