Board Mtg Notes Feb. 6: BlackPine to build homes at north end of Crocker Village

BlackPine Communities President Mike Paris told the SCNA board his company has agreed to build all the homes at the north end of the Crocker Village development. Paris estimated construction would begin on the new homes in early June.

Brian Holloway, an adviser to Petrovich Development Co., presented a packet of information on future signage for Crocker Village. Holloway said he would let the board know the daily number of out-of-town shoppers the commercial area expected. Board members agreed that a successful, vibrant shopping center was very much wanted.

New SCNA President Andi

Liebenbaum said she would meet homeowners in Crocker Village with Councilmember Jay Schenirer. She also planned to attend their February homeowners association meeting to start building bridges of communication with our new neighbors. The board wants to have Viewpoint delivered to Crocker Village residents so they know about the programs, classes and events Sierra 2 provides.

Neighborhood Concerns

The Neighborhood Concerns Committee will host a Cops & Coffee event Wednesday, April 10, in Curtis Hall (see page 12). More information will be posted on the website.

John Mathews met with an architect in Curtis Park to review a preliminary concept for a community bulletin board.

Neighborhood Concerns

would like to partner with other neighborhood associations to host a job fair for the businesses going into Crocker Village.


The Development Committee continues to expand and refine donor benefits. Kat Haro is working with Executive Director Terri Shettle and staff member Heather Hogan on evaluation benchmarks for events.

They are also creating a volunteer database to ease staff members’ workload.


The Governance/Personnel Committee is undertaking a comprehensive review of priorities and policies to better fit with the Strategic Plan and upcoming fiscal year 2020 financial planning. SCNA board member recruitment and development is among the critical goals the committee has been structuring the past few months.

Senior Center

Angela Mia reported that Senior Center overall attendance in 2018 increased 19 percent from 2017.

The My Story Project will be scaled back to one or two days per month to open up the room for other activities.

The holiday craft fair netted $2,139 with the addition of more vendors. Next year’s craft fair will start earlier in the day and will spill out into the courtyard.



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