Board Meeting Notes: SCNA’s first $1 million budget includes theater renovation

Home and Garden Tour recap

Tour Committee Chair Lori Harder thanked Executive Director Terri Shettle for securing sponsorships, which added to this year’s success. Homeowners and front yard gardeners did a great job. More than 1,000 tickets were sold, fundraising goals were met, the weather cooperated and everyone had a good time. Board members thanked Lori and the home tour committee.

Budget development updates

Terri reported that SCNA has its first ever $1 million budget — $200,000 more than last year with $140,000 going toward the 24th Street Theatre updates. The project will be finished in phases with seating and carpeting first. The budget reflects changes in overall income, instructor fees, and rental income from Sierra House tenants, with $12,000 additional income this year. Two spaces that formerly contributed to the revenue were vacant this year. The budget reflects a small increase in membership, no increase in Viewpoint income or expenses, and continuation of all current programs and activities.

Expenses include marketing, membership and development. John Mathews commented that SCNA income has doubled since Terri was hired. Sierra House is now updated and is rented on an hourly basis. Board members enjoyed a lively discussion regarding what the city expects from SCNA regarding the facility and what to do with the reserve fund. President Eric Johnson asked Dan Pskowski, an arborist, to advise SCNA at the next board meeting if our investment to treat the trees in Curtis Park is worth it.

Big Day of Giving

Terri thanked board members for their contributions. Neighbors and anonymous sources have left checks in the office. Our goal is to reach $10,000 to help fund the theater improvements.

Action Items

Neighborhood Concerns Committee approved a letter to the city regarding the Crocker Village design. Andrea Rosen credited Nancy McKeever for early analysis of the project. Design/development guidelines from NCC were adopted by the city. The concerns listed in the letter were to avoid the suburban style development model such as huge numbers of parking spaces which create a heat island; to increase safe routes for pedestrians and bicycles through the parking lot; and to place doors facing the street to encourage people to enter the buildings from Crocker Drive.

The current architecture looks like a typical stucco suburban strip mall. Homes on Crocker will be facing the backs of commercial buildings and fire exits unless they are designed differently. The original drawing of Curtis Park Village had a meandering drive similar to Pavilions.

May 10 was the deadline for the letter to the city. Neighbors are urged to also write and encourage the city to stick to the spirit and guidelines of the original design agreement.

President’s Report

Curtis Park tennis courts will be used by McClatchy High School for two hours a day during summer while the high school undergoes repairs.

Executive Director

Prospective new employee Rose Browne will hopefully start at the end of May as the booking specialist. Terri said the city will be finishing Americans with Disabilities Act work on the Castro Way parking lot. Terri continues talking to the city regarding the interpretation of our lease, which has six years to go.

Finance Committee

A huge surge in revenue, the successful home tour and rentals put SCNA back on track with its original budget.


Replacing solar panels to help with electrical costs was discussed.


During the budget discussion, Andi Liebenbaum mentioned the activities that generate income and what the committee could contribute to the budget. It was debated whether to fundraise on a limited basis or expand on existing ideas. For the strategic plan meeting, it was suggested we should revisit the idea of the facility as a revenue generator and SCNA as revenue spender because this aging facility will need reinvestment.

The $30 a month from a vending machine may pay for a ping pong table or pool table.

Neighborhood Concerns

Land Park neighbor Stephanie Duncan attended the last NCC meeting regarding homeless concerns.

Dan Pskowski reported “illegal dumping” about a pile of trash on 24th Street to the city. The piles are endless and should all be reported when spotted. Regarding the Castro Way project, Dan recommended a setback so trees can be planted.


The committee did not meet, but its members reviewed the first exit interview. Angela Mia reported feedback from the employee was positive. The committee will formulate a way to report feedback to the board.

Senior Center

Angela reported a three year AARP employee has been working at the Senior Center. The Federal AARP Program is on the chopping block, so decisions need to be made regarding creating a position for him. The seniors like him, and he is there four days a week. He helps with the My Story projects, which are family based Story Corps projects. New volunteers are needed to keep the program going, as current volunteers have health issues.

— Submitted by Kate Van Buren, board secretary

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