Board Meeting Notes: Johnson accepts 6th term as SCNA president

Eric Johnson was elected to a sixth term as SCNA president at the Jan. 9 meeting of the SCNA board. Also elected to the executive committee were Bruce Pierini, vice president; Jonathan LaTurner, treasurer; Kate Van Buren, secretary; and Kat Haro, board member at large.

Strategic Plan update

Kim Tucker of Impact Foundry proposed newly revised vision and mission statements. The focus emphasizes promoting Curtis Park as a community of neighbors who value inclusion and maintaining a vibrant quality of life, with Sierra 2 Center as a cultural resource to the social and architectural fabric of Sacramento.

President’s report

Eric will write a letter in support of the San Joaquin Rail Authority’s proposal to build a station at Sacramento City College.

Executive director’s report

Terri Shettle has developed an evaluation process for SCNA programming that she will incorporate into future dashboards for statistical purposes and to measure growth.

Terri reported that the fundraising campaign for renovation of the 24th Street Theatre has raised $13,000. However, $60,000 is needed to match the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission’s $40,000 grant and replace the carpeting after the theater’s seats are removed.

Eric suggested board members should ask at least five friends and neighbors to contribute to the fundraising campaign. Terri will mail letters.

Fund-raising events have been scheduled, including a Feb. 9 showing of “The Room,” and a Feb. 10 matinee showcasing cultural dancing. Tickets are $15 in advance. The major fundraiser will be a Hawaiian-theme performance in the theater March 2.  The Big Day of Giving on May 3 is another opportunity to raise money for the theater improvements.

Lori Harder observed that SCNA’s investment will keep the theater operating and maintained for many years to come.

Treasurer’s report

Jonathan reported the overall balance sheet is good and liabilities are in line with expectations. The combined profit/loss sheet showed a mixture of low expenses and more revenue. Sierra 2 Center generates approximately $295,000 in rental revenue. We are currently $30,000 ahead of the budget, even though we did not receive $10,000 in anticipated donations.

Neighborhood Concerns

A letter from SCNA to the city regarding the proposed Paseo homes in Crocker Village focused on the need for a pedestrian path so that children, families and the elderly can safely walk from their homes to the commercial district and people with wheelchairs, scooters and walkers can be safely transported. The letter noted that a safe pathway from the residences to retail shops would encourage positive social interaction that makes a community stronger.

SCNA asked the city to clarify the relationship between Village 2, Village 3 and the Flex Zone to the southern end of the Crocker Village commercial area.

More than a dozen lampposts have been broken in Crocker Village, with glass and plastic shards littering the ground. A homeless encampment remains next to the railroad tracks, and large mounds of trash litter the area. Part of the camp caught fire a few weeks ago, but another part is still inhabited. Many dead squirrels were observed lying in the fields.

Senior Center

Angela Mia reported that annual appeal letters were sent out with a good response. The craft fair drew 715 people, up from 450 the previous year, with an income of $1,912. People expressed the desire to host more artisan and craft tables in 2018, with Curtis Festivus as the theme.


SCNA will dedicate a seat in the renovated 24th Street Theatre to Judy Scheible for her years as the volunteer editor of the Viewpoint

Next meeting

The next regular meeting of the SCNA Board will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7 in the Garden Room at Sierra 2.

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