Author: Susan MacCulloch

End of an era: Casa Garden Restaurant closes

Not many restaurants run by a nonprofit board and staffed with volunteers enjoy a 46-year run. With just five paid employees and a volunteer crew of 200-plus, the restaurant and

Mystery of ‘Easter egg’ rocks solved

Have you discovered a painted river rock in your front garden? Perhaps your kids detected these small treasures during impromptu family scavenger hunts (leaving the rocks in place). Who is

Home schooling in COVID-19 era

When Bret Harte Elementary School closed its doors in mid-March due to the coronavirus, students and their families faced the challenge of completing the school year at home. After a

Neighbor records original song in Nashville

Lara Pucik Johnson is an environmental scientist by profession, but she is also a singer-songwriter. Thanks to a winning lottery ticket, Lara recorded an original song in March at a

51 years of Curtis Park memories

After 51 years in the family home on Fourth Avenue, Margie Piering decided it was time to downsize. She’s moving to the Pocket area, closer to her middle son, Rob,

Spanish immersion sabbatical for couple

Choosing to study another language and culture intensively, Mary and Paul Durbrow of 26th Street are on a three-country Spanish immersion adventure. The couple took a semester sabbatical from their