Announcement: SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee will meet this Wed., 1/22/14, at 7pm in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center

Neighborhood Concerns Committee Meeting January 22, 2014

The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee will meet this Wednesday, the 22nd, at 7:00 in the Garden Room at the Sierra 2 Center. We hope to see you there.

Election of NCC Chair/Co-chairs

We will determine who will be the 2014 Chair/Co-chairs of the Committee. This is always an exciting election and will take about 60 seconds.

Curtis Park Village

If you missed last week’s meeting with the developer and Councilperson Jay Schenirer, SCNA will be holding more meetings about the changes to the project. There will be an article in the February Viewpoint explaining the changes and announcements will be sent when the next meeting date is determined.

Palm Tree Removal at 21st Street and 2nd Avenue

At this week’s NCC meeting we will discuss our strategy to save three beautiful Canary Island Date Palm trees on 21st   Street near 2nd Avenue in front of Park Fine Art. They were posted for removal because of structural and safety problems from growing into the SMUD lines overhead. An appeal to the removal was filed by the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association and other residents of Curtis Park. The appeal was approved and will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Commission at a public hearing on February 6th at 7:00. The hearing will take place in the historic City Hall, 915 I Street, 2nd floor, in the Commission Hearing Room. Our position is that SMUD should move the power lines rather than cutting down the trees. We hope many of you can attend this meeting to show support for saving these wonderful palm trees.

William Curtis Park Cleanup Days 2014

Our first cleanup day of the year will be Saturday, March 8th, from 9 am to noon. We will be cleaning and planting in the garden area just north of the playground. Other projects this year will include filling in some of the holes/depressions around the park and doing a general cleanup before the Home Tour.

Noise from Hughes Stadium

We have received complaints about the very loud sound system at Hughes Stadium. NCC will do some research and see if we can convince the powers that be to turn down the volume.

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