Is our 24th Street Theatre Haunted?

It’s been a couple weeks since our much needed new roof was completed on the 24th Street Theatre. We are busy planning entertaining fundraising events to help pay for the roof and further improvements… but something weird is going on lately at the theatre. Our Facilities Monitors have reported odd voices and crashing sounds coming from the 24th Street Theatre at times when it is vacant.

“I keep going in there to see if someone needs help, but the doors are all locked and the space is empty.” remarked George, a facility monitor. George shared this news with other staff and although many had not had similar experiences, Valerie, our long time Theatre Coordinator shared that she remembered similar incidents in years past.

A few years ago, around this time of year, she reported finding an old fashioned rag doll under one of the seats. “People accidentally leave things in the Theatre often and we keep them in the lost and found box in the office. But about a week later someone came in who had misplaced their keys so I went to look through the box. I got a chill when I saw that the eyes of the doll were gone and the doll’s dress had red marks on it that I didn’t notice before. It definitely creeped me out!”

Neighbors across the street from the Theatre come by the office asking if we were doing work this week on the Theatre? Staff answered No, and asked what the neighbors meant… They had seen luminescent figures on the roof late in the night.

Then yesterday, Sonny, our Facilities Monitor found writing on one of the dressing room mirrors reading “Let me out.”

Perhaps we will need to use some of your generous donations on an exorcism!

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Just kidding! Happy Halloween!

Our Theatre is not actually haunted. But here are a few other places in town that we hear have some spooks in residence. And if you can take more scary stuff, check out this video of odd happenings.

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