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Neighborhood Preservation and History

SCNA actively participates in preserving the heritage of the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood and Sacramento. The Heritage Committee advances this purpose by gathering and publicizing information on the history of our area and promoting preservation and appreciation of our historic buildings.

If you have a question or comment about any of the following subjects please send an email to the appropriate Heritage Committee member.

Download interesting and historically relevant documents below.

Helpful websites for home and window restoration 

Link to information on Curtis Park's history.

Sacramento's Curtis Park by Dan Murphy
The book has five chapters showing the history of the Curtis Park neighborhood. It begins with the farms and ranches of the 1850s and traces them through the streetcar suburbs developed before and after the turn of the century. The fourth chapter addresses the early automobile suburbs of the 1920s and the last chapter looks at the changes in our landscape since then.

Dan Murphy graciously assigned the royalties for the book to the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association.