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Energy Stars 

Join the Curtis Park Energy Stars
The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association (SCNA) has entered into an exciting partnership with SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) to reduce home energy use on a neighborhood wide basis. We are the first Sacramento neighborhood, and most likely the first neighborhood in the state, to engage in such a project.

This partnership demonstrates that Curtis Park residents are willing to reduce toxic greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change. SMUD and SCNA believe that Curtis Park can become a model for other neighborhoods throughout the region. But first we must demonstrate that a concerted effort on the part of a committed group of neighbors can make a difference in collectively reducing energy consumption.

Whether you are already actively conserving energy at home, or whether you would like to do better, you are eligible and encouraged to become a Curtis Park Energy Star. Sign the Pledge Form and learn more from the SMUD Tips For Smart Energy Use.

Participating households will be asked to monitor their energy consumption on a monthly basis with the goal of reducing electric use. SMUD tracks how well Curtis Park Energy Stars are collectively performing compared against the neighborhood and city as a whole. See Energy Star Progress To Date. A special montly e-newsletter with energy-saving tips and motivation will be sent to participating households. View our past E-Newsletters.

If you would like a more in depth look at your own energy use to see how it compares with your past usage and with other households of similar size and style, you can take a Home Energy Audit at For specific instructions on taking the Home Energy Audit, click here.

Help Curtis Park become a model neighborhood for energy conservation. Take the energy challenge and watch our progress as Curtis Park is changes the world….one household at a time.

Curtis Park Energy Stars Steering Committee:
Rosanna Herber, Arlene Krause, Gerre Buehler, Terri Tork, Erik de Kok, Kathy Les