Curtis Park Water Meter Project Update

Curtis Park Water Main & Water Meter Updates



This project will replace water mains within the project area that have
reached the end of their useful life. In addition,  this project will include
installation of water meters on new and existing water services within the
project area. Residential water services constructed prior to 1992 were not
required to be constructed with water meters. Assembly Bill 2572 requires all
water services within the City to be metered. On February 24, 2015, City
Council approved a utilities plan to accelerate the water metering so that all
meters will be installed by the end of 2020. This project will include installation
of new water meters on existing water services within the project area.


This project includes the installation of approximately 24,000 feet of 6-inch, 8-
inch and 12-inch water mains in street right-of-ways, abandoning existing
backyard mains, and placing approximately 1,031 meters on new and existing
services. Most properties will receive new water services constructed from the
water main to the house. Fire protection will also be improved. Project
boundaries:  Franklin Blvd. (east), Broadway (north), Light Rail (west), and
Donner Way (south).


Water mains will be placed in City streets, and new services and meters will be
installed. Some meters will be retrofit on existing water services. Water meters
encourage water conservation, and help detect leaks. Replacing the aging
infrastructure will help prevent pipeline failure. Fire protection will also be
improved. The project abandons the aging water mains that are mostly located
in backyards. Placing new mains in the street will allow easier access to the
water main and meters for future maintenance and service.


Construction impacts may include the following: Maximum 4 hour water
interruption, streets closured to through traffic, temporary parking restrictions,
minor dust and noise, returning private property to pre-construction condition,
and equipment & material storage on the street.

City of Sacramento Department of Utilities Project Description PDF

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Documents Related to the Curtis Park Water Main Replacement